Zen Guided Meditation

Zen Guided Meditation Mind & Body Relaxation

Play & Download Guided Meditations for Relaxation, Inner Peace & Sleep

Lay down comfortably and listen to our unique Zen guided meditation that will walks you through a meditation to help you attain a relaxed body and a peaceful mind, guided by a soothing voice. Our complex brain does not make a difference between real or imagined events so what you are experiencing lying on your back is to your brain like having a real-life experience. When we experience something in life new neural pathways are created in the brain and this information is passed to the mind´s subconscious levels for possible future use. So, when we imagine something our brain perceives that imagination as an actual experience. You are literally rewiring your mind to form new neural pathways for your future well-being and success.Read More

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Zen Spa Music

Zen Spa Music Relaxation for Mind & Body

  1. Garden Of Eden Zen Spa Music No 1 D.C. 33:00
  2. Stress Relief Zen Spa Music No 1 D.C. 4:30
  3. Wellness Club Zen Spa Music No 1 D.C. 30:00
  4. Lotus Retreat Zen Spa Music No 1 D.C. 2:25

Play Free Music & Download Spa Music

Relax, Meditate & Sleep to Relaxing Zen Music

We could all benefit some quality time for ourselves. Sometimes, after a hard-long day enjoying scented candles and a warm bath to serene Zen spa music is a simple yet effective way of enjoying oneself. Our unique music for recreation and relaxation is only available at this site: RelaxingZenMusic.com, calming high quality sounds made specifically for spa and massage therapy that give rise to wellbeing and inner peace. We only use the most suited sounds for relaxation, that is soft instrumentals music, atmospheric ambient music and high-quality nature sounds, which is why our music is popularly used and appreciated at facilities for recreation and healing around the world.Read More

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Zen Instrumental Music

Relax to Zen Music for Balance and Relaxation

  1. Cherry Tree Garden Zen Instrumental Music No 1 D.C. 3:40
  2. Relaxing Paradise Zen Instrumental Music No 1 D.C. 2:06
  3. Calmness Zen Instrumental Music No 1 D.C. 45:00
  4. Soft and Serene Zen Instrumental Music No 1 D.C. 34:00

Play Free Music & Download Instrumental Music

Relaxing Zen Music, Peaceful Instrumental Music for Body & Mind

Instrumental Zen music for balance and relaxation is calming music without any vocals. The focus is on the harmonies and on popular instruments like flute, harp, guitar and piano, it is beautiful instrumental music with influences from the far east, southern Asia and the west. Our unique Zen instrumental music is available only at RelaxingZenMusic.com and is of the best quality. The relaxing harmonies works great as background music while you are reading, resting, meditating, bathing or any other occasion calling for recreation and leisure. Our music is made with the intent to have a calming effect on the listener and uplift his or her mood, relaxing every muscle and reducing any trace of stress.Read More

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Zen Sleep Music

Relax to Zen Music for Sleep

  1. Soothing Zen Sleep Music No 1 D.C. 5:29
  2. Pure Relaxation Zen Sleep Music No 1 D.C. 15:00
  3. Delta Waves Zen Sleep Music No 1 D.C. 50:01
  4. Lucid Dreams Zen Sleep Music No 1 D.C. 1:00:00

Play Free Music & Download Sleep Music

Relaxing Zen Music, Peaceful Sounds for Mind Body Relaxation

There are many reasons why many of us fail to fall asleep or why we suffer from sleep deprivation. Stress is one of the most common issues in relation to sleep problems and an easy way to de-stress is to relax. If you suffer from sleep disorders you will benefit greatly from playing Zen music for sleep when it is time to tuck under the sheets. Because the relaxing sound made specifically for bedtime hours is very calming, it gets the muscles and tensions to soften. When your focus is on the soothing sound instead of your busy overactive mind, this shift of attention will make it easier to sleep and to remain in uninterrupted deep sleep all night long. Binaural beats or brain wave entrainment is commonly used in music for sleep today.Read More

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Zen Chillout Music

Relax to Zen Chillout Music

  1. Deep Chill Zen Chillout Music No 1 D.C: 45:15
  2. Buddha Lounge Zen Chillout Music No 1 D.C. 5:31
  3. Sacred Lotus Zen Chillout Music No 1 D.C. 33:20
  4. New Age Zen Chillout Music No 1 D.C. 12:21

Play Free Music & Download Buddha Lounge Music

Relaxing Zen Music, Peaceful Sounds for Mind Body Relaxation

The chillout and lounge music genres became popular in the early 1990s as a laid-back alternative to the upbeat club music at the time. Originally this music style was played in the clubs in the Balearic Spanish Island of Ibiza. The Mediterranean island is still a chillout hotspot visited by thousands of tourists every year. Buddha lounge music which is popular at social venues like cafés, bars and lounges is very laid-back with ethnic Indian and Oriental beats perfect for leisure and recreation.Read More

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Zen Meditation Music

Zen Meditation Music for Mind Body & Spirit

  1. Peacefulness Zen Meditation Music No 1 D.C. 45:00
  2. Deep Healing 432 hz Zen Meditation Music No 1 D.C. 45:00
  3. Mind Relaxing Zen Meditation Music No 1 D.C. 5:03
  4. Powerful Theta Brainwaves Zen Meditation Music No 1 D.C. 13:42

Play Free Music & Download Meditation Music

Relax, Meditate & Sleep to Relaxing Zen Music


Playing music in the background during meditation and relaxation is very popular today. The art of listening is to be mindful of the sound being heard and not doing anything else only focusing on the sound vibrations that fills up the room. This can if it’s done correctly be a very powerful experience. Our unique Zen meditation music is made especially for yoga, meditation, contemplation and deep relaxation. Sounds to assist your mindfulness practice, how to remain in the present taking in every tone and noise you hear. Overtime playing our relaxing Zen music will help to calm your overactive mind and bring it to a deep stillness, we use binaural beats which improves the music and enhances the experience. You can only find our music downloads here at RelaxingZenMusic.com.Read More

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