Zen Spa Music

Zen Spa Music Relaxation for Mind & Body

  1. Garden Of Eden Zen Spa Music No 1 D.C. 33:00
  2. Stress Relief Zen Spa Music No 1 D.C. 4:30
  3. Wellness Club Zen Spa Music No 1 D.C. 30:00
  4. Lotus Retreat Zen Spa Music No 1 D.C. 2:25

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Relax, Meditate & Sleep to Relaxing Zen Music

We could all benefit some quality time for ourselves. Sometimes, after a hard-long day enjoying scented candles and a warm bath to serene Zen spa music is a simple yet effective way of enjoying oneself. Our unique music for recreation and relaxation is only available at this site: RelaxingZenMusic.com, calming high quality sounds made specifically for spa and massage therapy that give rise to wellbeing and inner peace. We only use the most suited sounds for relaxation, that is soft instrumentals music, atmospheric ambient music and high-quality nature sounds, which is why our music is popularly used and appreciated at facilities for recreation and healing around the world.Read More

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Zen Instrumental Music

Relax to Zen Music for Balance and Relaxation

  1. Cherry Tree Garden Zen Instrumental Music No 1 D.C. 3:40
  2. Relaxing Paradise Zen Instrumental Music No 1 D.C. 2:06
  3. Calmness Zen Instrumental Music No 1 D.C. 45:00
  4. Soft and Serene Zen Instrumental Music No 1 D.C. 34:00

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Relaxing Zen Music, Peaceful Instrumental Music for Body & Mind

Instrumental Zen music for balance and relaxation is calming music without any vocals. The focus is on the harmonies and on popular instruments like flute, harp, guitar and piano, it is beautiful instrumental music with influences from the far east, southern Asia and the west. Our unique Zen instrumental music is available only at RelaxingZenMusic.com and is of the best quality. The relaxing harmonies works great as background music while you are reading, resting, meditating, bathing or any other occasion calling for recreation and leisure. Our music is made with the intent to have a calming effect on the listener and uplift his or her mood, relaxing every muscle and reducing any trace of stress.Read More

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