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At you can download free Zen music, peaceful mp3 music for meditation, relaxation and sleep. We offer you the best and most calming and relaxing Zen music downloads, you can use it for recreation, healing and spiritual practice. Enjoy our free music downloads for yoga and Zen meditation, let the subtle peaceful sounds with binaural beats, that is theta brain waves, take you to a higher state of consciousness.Read More

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Zen Chillout Music

Relax to Zen Chillout Music

  1. Deep Chill Zen Chillout Music No 1 D.C: 45:15
  2. Buddha Lounge Zen Chillout Music No 1 D.C. 5:31
  3. Sacred Lotus Zen Chillout Music No 1 D.C. 33:20
  4. New Age Zen Chillout Music No 1 D.C. 12:21

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Relaxing Zen Music, Peaceful Sounds for Mind Body Relaxation

The chillout and lounge music genres became popular in the early 1990s as a laid-back alternative to the upbeat club music at the time. Originally this music style was played in the clubs in the Balearic Spanish Island of Ibiza. The Mediterranean island is still a chillout hotspot visited by thousands of tourists every year. Buddha lounge music which is popular at social venues like cafés, bars and lounges is very laid-back with ethnic Indian and Oriental beats perfect for leisure and recreation.Read More

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