Benefits of Zen Meditation

“The practice of Zen is forgetting the self in the act of uniting with something.”
Koun Yamada

Many meditators have over the years benefited both mentally and physically a great deal by practicing Meditation regularly, transforming themselves by reaching different realms and having profound insights. Other incredible benefits of Zen meditation are that it helps to reduce high levels of stress and anxiety, it also brings down the frequency of panic attacks. Meditation improves the production of serotonin a vital hormone for happiness, otherwise low serotonin levels can cause depression, insomnia and obesity. Sleep much deeper and longer thanks to Zen meditation practice, a peaceful night of sleep is essential for the body, it is during sleep when the body heal itself. Strengthen your immune system with the help of meditation, studies conducted in this field have shown that meditation helps to greatly improve the immune system. And a better immune system means that you will fall sick less often due to minor infections and ailments like common cold, flu etcetera. Regular Zen practice can also help to reduce the sensation of pain and the sensitivity to it, because during Zen practice the meditator learns how to cope with pain and other sensations.


Benefits of Zen MeditationThere are even more amazing health benefits of Zen practice. Zen meditation improves your posture, as the practice helps you strengthen your back muscles. Many of us today suffers from a bad back, probably because of long hours spent in front of computers and driving cars. Meditation will make the body stronger and more flexible by aligning the muscles of the spine. It also helps to strengthen the muscles of the abdomen. A strong body core protects the back from both pain and strain and an improved posture improves the overall strength of the body, making the meditator appear taller. The way you think changes for the better thanks to Zen practice, this can help you to get rid of any addiction you might have. Addiction is a form of attachment to something, like the attachment to fear, or loss, or longing, and with Meditation you can overcome these attachments and fears and concentrate on your purpose in life. Practicing Zen meditation daily improves the vascular system as well, it helps to lower the heart rate and improve your blood circulation, both of which also contributes to a healthier body making you look younger and feel better. Just imagen all those old Buddhist monks with their loving smiles and how youthful they all look, thanks to the incredible benefits of Zen Meditation.
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