Healing Frequencies Zen Meditation Music

Relax to Healing Frequencies Zen Meditation Music. Play free Zen music or download it for only 6.93$. The album contains 7 tracks of peaceful meditation mp3 music downloads of the highest quality with binaural beats theta waves. Relaxing solfeggio music for inner peace, relaxation and wellbeing.

Track list for download is identical to playlist below !





  1. 396Hz - Liberation of Guilt & Fear, Track 1 D.C. 7:59
  2. 417Hz Situation Reversal & Change Facilitation, Track 2 D.C. 7:58
  3. 528Hz DNA Activation & Transformation, Track 3 D.C. 7:58
  4. 639Hz Interrelation & Unification, Track 4 D.C. 7:58
  5. 741Hz Intuition Activation, Track 5 D.C. 7:59
  6. 852Hz Restoration of Spiritual Order, Track 6 D.C. 7:59
  7. Harmonic Matrix of all Six Healing Frequencies, Track 7 D.C. 7:58
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