Music Therapy Relaxing Music for Stress Relief

Everyone probably experiences stress at some level in their lives. Nearly half of the adult population suffers from its adverse effects. Among these effects include anxiety, depression, arthritis, asthma, high blood pressure, skin conditions, heart problems, and headaches. 75 to 90 % of doctor visits are because of stress-related issues. When chronic stress is untreated, it can lead to emotional disorders. Life could get so stressful, and these days, it’s crucial to find ways to relieve stress without using too much money, or creating more hassle. One of these ways is music therapy, relaxing music for stress relief. Research has it that music therapy, like meditation music with theta waves is one of the best ways of relieving stress, especially for children and teens dealing with anxiety issues. It is said that with the help of music therapy, feelings of helplessness are lessened and that it’s proven to be even higher than that of other types of music.

It is common for kids and adults to experience signs of panic attacks and anxiety. If one wants these experiences to be lessened, one has to learn how to target them right away, and then one should at least try stress relieving music. So, while you are going about your day-to-day life, you may not experience any ill feelings. Yet, there are moments when specific triggers bring up such emotions. When this happens, your body’s stress levels may begin to rise, along with other symptoms such as anxiety. Underlying, subconscious causes may also lead to depression. When this happens, you can express your feelings and reveal what is truly affecting you. The way that relaxing meditation music for stress relief gets you into a “trance” is through the use of a combination of relaxation and suggestion.

In essence, music therapy brings forth a state of deep relaxation in which your conscious mind shuts off. It enables the subconscious mind to emerge. At this point, the stress relieving music may conjure up what issues may be affecting you. At that point, you can begin addressing them through the conscious mind. The most significant benefit of listening to relaxing music for stress relief is that you will be able to identify what is affecting you. Therefore, you will be able to deal with these feelings and similar physical symptoms, which may be leading you to struggle with yourself. Most importantly, you will be able to heal emotional blockages that may have been lodged there for years.

Stress is an emotion that alters our body chemistry, and this changes our eating habits. When our bodies are under pressure, more hormones are produced. These hormones depend on the degree of stress you have. In acute stress, your body releases epinephrine, whereas, in chronic stress, it releases corticotropin. Acute stress can be experienced in hazardous situations, while chronic stress may occur in cases like separation, mourning, or anxiety. Fear can as well stop the body from releasing important hormones and, at the same time, stimulate it to free others. When our bodies release cortisol and epinephrine in excess, it is a signal for preparing the body for action. These hormones push our system to get ready to handle a challenging situation or to run away from it as it is beyond our capability. Either of the above reactions could keep you alive or diminish the threat. Our emotions are affected by our brain and body, and at the same time, our mind and body change our feelings.

For instance, when cortisol is released in excess, it affects metabolism. Energy is directed to our significant parts of the body to prepare them for action. I know we have all been in a do-or-die situation, and we can all remember the energy we felt in our bodies; our heartbeat also increased. Our systems have a feedback cycle such that when the emergency is handled, the body starts releasing cortisol at its average rate. This system is also influential to cortisol itself as it self-shuts itself. When cortisol goes to the brain, it gives it a command to stop the body from producing more of it. In the case of chronic stress, the system runs throughout, and it does not shut. In periods when we are stressed, the brain gives instructions to the body to release some chemicals to handle the stress. During the fight/flight response, which is activated by adrenaline in the event of a threat or danger, we tend to get active and fidgety. Anxiety kicks in, and you feel wired-up as adrenaline responds to the danger of stress.

Music therapy to relieve stress is a very cheap and effective proven method to treat high stress levels. Whether you prefer to listen to meditation music with theta waves, soothing nature sounds like ocean waves, waterfall, bird song, and deep relaxing music with delta waves for stress relief, the beneficial therapeutic effect of the music will heal your body, mind and spirit.
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