Zen Guided Meditation

Free Guided Meditation for Mind Body and Spirit

Zen Guided Sleep Meditation for Deep Relaxation & Inner Peace

Guided sleep meditation can be a great way to get more balance and success in your life. So how does it work, you may ask? You need to do this on a regular basis, your mind needs to get awake by the vocal suggestions, soothing nature sounds, and the meditative soft music in the background with theta waves. This will transform your mind and spirit, all it takes is practice and time.

Lay down comfortably and listen to our unique free guided meditation that will walks you through a meditation to help you attain a relaxed body and a peaceful mind, guided by a soothing voice. Our complex brain does not make a difference between real or imagined events so what you are experiencing lying on your back is to your brain like having a real-life experience. Read More


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